BASIC protects the reputation and rights of bouncers/doormen, static security guards and anyone employed in the security industry throughout Ireland.

We Have Your Back!

Legal Representation

We work with a team of legal and industry professionals through Ireland that will represent you in all aspects of contract and employment law!

  • no contract of employment
  • break of contract
  • unfair dismissal
  • wage recovery

Injury Compensation

We will initiate proceedings and cover all costs involved in seeking compensation where due for any injury sustained in the course of your employment.

  • assault
  • slip, trips, falls
  • defamation


Specialist Services are provided to defend you against any allegations of criminal offences incurred during the course of your duties.

  • section 3
  • section 4
  • defamation
  • assault
  • misconduct

We Provide Professional Advice!
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Basic Training

Having identified various risks associated with the job of doing security in nightclubs, pubs and entertainment venues BASIC designed various training courses to address these and put mitigating strategies in place. The Safety of our members is our primary concern and with this in mind we put in place procedures and provide training in how to do the job in a professional manner. Employers who avail of the training would be in compliance of the “Health and Safety at work act 2005”, benefit by having a more professional workforce, reduced liability in insurance claims and use feedback from training records to assess their employees suitability for different roles.

Security Risk Assessment

We can provide a qualified Security Consultant to assess risk of loss to your business.
We assess the:

  • causes and consequences of loss
  • fire and theft
  • security systems and procedures
  • contingency planning
  • prevention principles


We are currently building a database of licenced employees and employers.
To employers we provide a service of interview, induction and assessment.

Know Your Rights

Contract of Employment

When you work for a regular wage you automatically enter a contract of employment. This can be written or oral stating your terms and conditions or implying them. Therefore, as in any contract the usual rules apply: there must be an offer, an acceptance and a consideration. After one month’s continuous service you are entitled to a written statement of this contract. You should receive this within two months from the commencement date of your employment. If you commenced work before 16th of May 1994 you may request this from your employer and should receive it within two months of making the request.

  • name and address of your employer
    • place of work
      • your job title and the nature of the work which you are to perform
        • The start date of your employment
          • Expected duration of the contract OR
            • date of expiration of the contract
              • rate of pay
                • How pay is calculated
                  • pay intervals(frequency of payment of wages
                    • Hours of work
                      • Statutory rest periods
                        • Rest/break entitlements
                          • Any entitlements to paid leave
                            • Incapacity for work due to sickness or injury
                              • Indicate pay reference period
                                • Changes to this contract can only be made with your consent.

                                Breach of Contract

                                Where the employer is found to be in breach of employment law regarding contracts BASIC will enforce the rights of their members.

                                Unfair Dismissal

                                A dismissal is where your employer no longer requires you to work for them and seeks to replace you with someone else. A dismissal can be considered fair or unfair. Employers bear the onus of the Acts regulatory force as the burden is on them to prove a dismissal is not unfair by establishing substantial grounds justifying the dismissal and they followed fair procedures. You must be one year in continuous employment for unfair dismissal. At disciplinary hearings you are entitled to a representative. BASIC will provide a security consultant to represent their members at any disciplinary hearings.

                                Wage Recovery

                                You are protected by the Payment of wages Act 1991. By law you must get a payslip or a statement of wages before wage payments are made. All deductions being made (and authorised by you) must be clearly marked on your payslip. No deductions can be made for personal protective equipment such as ear pieces.