Legal Representation

Bouncer and Security Industry Collective aim to end what we deem to be the current culture of Bouncers being disposable. Employed through no great selection process other than the fact that they hold a current license and dismissed often unfairly at the will of the employer.

Rights of employees

Part time employees are protected in law through the protection of employees (part time work) Act 2001. We at BASIC protect these rights by increasing our member’s awareness of them and where necessary take action against employers who disregard them.

Contract of employment:

A written statement of terms of employment should be given to the employee within two months of starting work.

Unfair dismissal:

Under the Unfair Dismissals Act 1977 – 2007 employers are required to give the employee in written notice of the procedures to be followed before an employee is dismissed. This must be done within 28 days of entering the contract of employment.
Bouncer and Security Industry Collective with the consent of the employee will present a complaint to a rights commissioner if it appears that the employer has failed to provide an entitlement to which the employee is due under the Act.
If the employer within a six week period fails to comply with the direction of the rights commissioner we will continue to pursue the complaint to the labour court and where necessary the circuit court.

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