Injury Compensation

It is the legal obligation of an employer to minimise the risk of injury to their employee by providing a safe and secure workplace, provide competent co-workers, a safe system of work with proper training and supervision. Even if your injury was caused by something your fellow co-worker did or didn’t do, your employer will still usually be liable.

If the injury was not your fault you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and the pain and suffering caused.

Injury Claims

In the event of a member being injured in the course of their employment, a security consultant will assess their entitlement to compensation. Where BASIC believes there is an entitlement to compensation we will initiate proceedings and seek compensation on behalf of our members. The member will not be responsible for any professional fees or costs that may be incurred in seeking compensation. If you sustain an injury, check to see if you are entitled to compensation for a quick assessment and if so estimate your claim here.

Are you entitled to compensation?

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