Benefits of Membership

Improving Standards

We unite together with the collective aim of improving standards and working conditions within the security industry

Employee Rights

We protect employee rights for our members by increasing awareness and enforcing employment law.

Legal Representation

We provide legal representation where necessary for breach of contract and employment law.

Health and Safety

We provide advice on training and all aspects of health and safety within your job.



We will seek compensation on your behalf where we feel it is due.


We will advise on what training is necessary and what you should receive from your employer if you have not been trained adequately.


We will provide a security consultant to represent you at any disciplinary hearings.

Security Consultancy

We will provide a legal team, consisting of a security consultant and solicitor to defend you against any charges brought against you as a result of your employment.

A package including a barrister will be made available at a later date.

We have your back!

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Strength in numbers!
“United we stand, divided we fall!”